Insulated cabins


Located among orange groves in a rural area on the outskirts of Hadera, the sanctuary is heavily exposed to harsh weather conditions. Until now, the only shelter the cats had were plastic sheds, but not for long. We are now in the process of constructing wooden cabins for the cats. The cabins are well insulated and can protect the cats from the heat and the cold, and have air-conditioning and heating, multi-level sleeping booths, food and water, and litter trays.

The first cabin that was built was a large building for our blind cats, who are the most vulnerable. The work was carried out entirely by our volunteers, and we cannot wait until we begin work on the other cabins! The construction of the planned cabins depends on our ability to raise enough donations to buy the materials. Once that’s achieved, we we gather our volunteers to help build the structures from scratch.


We desperately need help in funding the costs of materials for the remainder of the cabins. Please consider making a contribution if you can. Every donation helps!