Hospital facilities


This spring saw the relocation of the existing cat population of over 100 cats that was housed at the Hatuliya shelter in midtown Hadera to the sanctuary. The move completes the merger between the two branches of the charity.

The hospitalization facilities at the Hadera Cat Sanctuary were at full capacity, and so new facilities were needed to accommodate the new cats that also needed medical care, as well as care for constant new arrivals and for cats recovering from medical treatment in our veterinary clinic.

Over the summer we’ve constructed new hospital facilities to accommodate cats recovering from illnesses, injuries and surgeries. The work was carried out by volunteers, from laying cement to constructing and refurbishing the building, planting herbs for the cats to enjoy munching on and decorating with trees and toys. The new hospital facilities opened for patients in August 2019 and are already at full capacity! The next step is to expand the facilities so that we can provide medical care and hospitalization to more cats in need.


We need assistance funding the extension of our new hospital facilities. Please help us help them and donate if you can!

The first hospital facility was built in the summer of 2019 and currently houses 14 cages and around 20 cats, some hospitalized in cages and some free to roam the hospital facility. The building is fully insulated, airconditioned and covered, and includes a covered and protected yard where the cats that are not in hospitalized in cages can be day and night. The structure was built by volunteers, from the foundation stage and up to the construction of the cages and the covered yard.

Each cage contains a cat carrier the cats can sit in, food, water, a litter tray, a shelf that forms a second floor the cats can climb to and a heat lamp if needed. Hospitalized cats that are able to go out of the cages and can spend the day inside the structure or in the covered yard, and are returned to their cages for overnight rest.