Veterinary clinic

Our veterinary clinic is operational! Built inside a converted decommissioned bus donated to Hadera Cat Sanctuary, the veterinary clinic will provide veterinary care to our cats as well as neutering and spaying for community cats with the help of our volunteer vet. The clinic is fully equipped with surgical gear and complies with government guidelines.

Treatment includes spaying and Neutering, emergency surgeries, amputations and eye surgeries, treatments for eye infections and of course vaccination, worming and defleeing, and so on. Our goal is to be able to provide basic care for our cat population on-site, as well as help those caring for the large population of community cats.


The costs of transporting the veterinary clinic to the sanctuary have already been covered, as have the costs for refurbishing and bringing it up to top standards. However, we need constant financial support so that we can obtain medicines, restock on disposable equipment and materials, and provide appropriate recovery areas. Please consider making a contribution if you can. Every donation helps!