Enclosure for vulnerable cats


Our most urgent, current project is the construction of separate enclosures for our vulnerable cats, especially for those cats who suffer skin damage due to exposure to the sun, and for our elderly cats.

White and light colored cat are at high risk of getting skin lesions that can develop with time into cancerous tumors, mainly on the head, around the ears and nose where the cats have less fur. The only way to protect these cats is to prevent them from exposure to direct sunlight.

The charity currently has 8 cats that are in need of a place in a protected area. One of the cats that arrived with advanced cancer had both his ears surgically removed, but unfortunately lasted only a few weeks. Others have developed worrying skin lesions and have been immediately, though temporarily, placed in our hospital facilities which are not designed for long-term stay.

Our elderly cats are some of the most vulnerable and need protection, regular care, special diets and sometimes also medication.

The new enclosures will be covered and fully shaded, and will include an insulated cabin and an attached, covered front yard.


We need assistance funding the cost of the construction materials for the new accommodation. Please help us help them and donate if you can!